How to Stay Fit and Healthy on a Budget

Keeping fit does not have to be expensive, costly gym memberships and expensive protein powders are not necessary. In this article, you will learn how to stay fit and healthy without blowing your monthly  budget.


Meal Prep


Prepare the majority of your meals for the week on Sunday night. Do this, and you will be less tempted to buy expensive take out food. You will also be fully aware of what goes into the food meaning that your meals will be healthier and more nutritious than take out food and snacks.



There are millions of workout videos on YouTube, one of the best channels to subscribe to a is fitness blender. They have tons of of free workout videos including 30 day challenges, beginner workouts, intermediate level programs and advanced workout regimes.


Free Sports


YouTube is fun but sometimes playing sport can be more interesting than doing 40 push-ups. Look for tennis courts, football pitches or open fields, and free to use outdoor gym equipment.


Carry a Water Bottle


Bottled water might seem cheap when you are buying it but those little pennies add up over time. Therefore, instead of buying bottled water when you are out, carry a bottle of filtered water that you filled up at home. Most coffee shops, cafes and restaurants will fill up your bottle for free too.



Make Your Own Pre-Workout Drinks or Snacks


Don’t be fooled by all these pre-workout powders. They are certainly not worth the money. Instead why not make your own pre-workout by blending bananas with almond milk and frozen mixed berries. Add some extra good fats by adding chia seeds or hemp seeds to the mix.


Walk Walk Walk


Walk, walk and walk some more. Walking is good for your physical and mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking every day could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension. Walking also reduces stress levels and boosts the mood.

Shop Late


Shopping later on in the day has its advantages. Most stores reduce their items at the end of the working day. Especially fresh produce therefore, if you go to your local supermarket at around 4pm, you should get a huge discount on your weekly fresh produce shopping.



Instead of purchasing costly pedometers, use free apps such S health on Android and Nike Run for other operating systems. These apps can help you to improve your fitness and track your overall progress, and they are free!



Discount Codes


If you simply cannot resist eating out, choose healthier options and search for discount codes for your chosen restaurants before you go out. Websites like Voucher codes are excellent for finding last minute deals.


Create a Budget Sheet and Stick to it


Create a budget sheet for your monthly expenses and do not deviate from it.



Keeping fit and healthy does not have to cost the earth. Try out some of these easy tips to improve your health and boost your fitness.