How to Fit in Exercise as a Stay at Home Mum

It can be challenging to fit in exercise as a stay at home mum. Your kids are always the priority, and when you do have time to yourself, exercising is probably not at the top of your list. Therefore, fitting in small amounts of exercise here and there can often be the only solution. In this simple guide, you will learn how to fit exercise into your daily routine without even noticing it.



House Cleaning Workout


Cleaning your home can be an opportunity for you to fit in some much-needed exercise. When you are cleaning the windows, do some squats or kickbacks. Vacuuming the floor? Do some lunges as you vacuum. Making the bed? Perform side lunges while you are making the bed. Sorting the laundry? Place two baskets on the floor, one on the other side of the room. Sort the clothes by running across the room to place the clothes in the other basket.


Playing Games With The Kids


Playing games with the kids is the perfect opportunity for you to burn some calories. Play tag, running races and rounders. You can even fit in a workout with the kids by searching for a kids workout plan on YouTube. According to Kids Health, kids should get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. Therefore, working out with your kids can only have a positive effect on their overall health.


Long Walks With The Kids


Take long walks with your kids instead of sitting at home watching television. Walk around the park, to the shops or explore your local area. Use this time as an opportunity to bond with your kids and make meaningful memories that they will cherish for years.


Commercial Breaks


Instead of spending the evening slumped on the couch, why not use the commercial breaks to fit in more exercise. Do jumping jacks, squats, push ups, sit ups or whatever takes your fancy when the commercial break comes on. Do this for every commercial break, and by the end of the evening, you would have done a decent amount of exercise for the day.


Kiddy Squats


Working out with your kids could also mean using them as your weight when you squat. If your kids are small enough to be picked up, hold them on your back and perform your usual squats. They will have fun, you will get some exercise in, and they will learn to develop good habits when it comes to exercising on a regular basis. Children learn by watching and copying; therefore, if they see you taking pride in your health, they will learn to do the same. Set an example for your kids and involve them in your workouts whenever you can.



Take your kids swimming for the afternoon, and if they are slightly older, you can swim alongside them. However,  if they are smaller, splash and play with them in the pool; you will still burn some extra calories while you play.


Having kids should not hinder you from keeping fit and healthy. Include them in your fitness routine and teach them how to exercise on a daily basis.