How to Keep Your Personal Training Classes Fresh

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When you have personal training clients, especially on a regular basis over a long period of time. An element of repetition is bound to emerge from classes on occasion. This could be with a singular client over a long period or carry over a number of clients if you follow similar programs on a daily basis.

Although this is difficult to avoid, it will undoubtedly lead to displeased clients and lost opportunities. To prevent this from happening, there are a number of things you can do to keep your offerings fresh and unique.

Change the Routine Periodically

Change is something which many people do find difficult to cope with. There is an element of risk when you change any formula or routine. The risk is that you lose your clients who were happy with the original format or way of doing things. There are also many who subscribe to the theory of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”- This can be correct, however, most likely in this case is there will be a slow and prolonged stagnation of business and a gradual decline in revenue which may go unnoticed over a long period and leave you wondering what happened to the business.

Evolution is Key

Failure to change will ultimately result in failure. Even though you provide a successful offering right now, always remember that firstly, your competition are always striving for ways to overtake you and secondly, the industry itself is rapidly evolving and changing. Exercises and training methods quickly become outdated, supplements are reformulated and improved and scientific research is always at work, proving and disproving techniques. You need to stay at the forefront of this information.

Much as some clients may resent a change, people quickly get on board with new programs and strategies once they have become proven or popular.

Change the Tempo or Surroundings

Nothing says that as a personal trainer, you must train in one specific location every time. The beauty of the industry is that many times, it can be flexible. Shake things up with an outdoor session from time to time or a change of setting. This helps keep clients both excited and motivated.

Secondly, there is no need to always go hell for leather, rest periods are vital as well as lighter training loads. This can have a beneficial effect in the long term. You should also be offering advice on the latest supplements and do not be afraid to suggest new training methods which you too are learning about. Life is a learning process and your clients will thank you for taking a vested interest in advancing their fitness beyond a timed go for broke lifting session.


In every industry, even the strongest, most innovative products must adapt or die. This is happening on a constant basis, we need only look at the recent successes of companies like Nintendo with their new product offerings to see how change, even to an industry giant, can generate a rejuvenation.