The Best Ways to Market Your New Blog


So you’ve started a new blog. It is your baby, your pride and joy. Having injected countless hours into creating your theme, choosing a host and domain, right through to creating some excellent content to hit the ground running, your site is now live. The one elephant in the room remains. How do your let the world know about your new gem? Here are some of the best ways in which you can begin.


Social Media

The first starting point for many blogs is often social media, you may choose just to circulate your initial efforts through posting some links to your new site from your own Facebook page. This can be a good start if you have a strong existing presence on Social Media and can sometimes be enough to get the ball rolling quite well. Support and sharing from family and friends can cast your net quite wide in a relatively short space of time.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

To advance your reach even further you may choose to engage in some online advertising campaigns such as via Facebook advertising of your social media page or paying for some banner ad campaigns to your specifically targeted market. At a relatively low starting cost it can be a wise way to grow your audience at a reasonable cost.

Search Engine Submission

You can also go down the path of submitting your site to one of the major search engines. Provided you comply with their regulations, you will achieve a ranking. This will of course help you with increasing traffic to your site, from there, it is all down to the quality of your content and building up a good reputation among your followers.

Paid Traffic

Another option you could choose is to pay for traffic. If you are choosing this option you need to be careful to ensure that all traffic which visits your site is genuine or you could end up with a search engine ban. Estimates show that a number of sites have previously paid for traffic using services such as Revisitors. This is certainly a viable way to drive visitors to your site and increase its profile.

Offer some incentive

You could also offer some kind of incentive to your blog visitors. That can be anything from small to large to encourage them to visit and return to your site. People love to win something or the idea of getting something no matter how small for free is also appealing to many.


Lots of options

There are so many options you can choose to increase exposure of your blog. Each have their own merits as discussed and you must choose the best one to fit your personal need. One fact is certain though, marketing your blog or site is becoming more and more essential and it will certainly increase not only your base audience but also your site value.