Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs



In astrology, there are no incompatible signs. That necessarily means that any two zodiac signs are in one way or the other compatible. There are highly compatible signs and less compatible signs.

The difference between highly compatible signs and less compatible signs

The degree of compatibility between any two zodiac signs points to how easily the two can get along. Therefore, in either degree of compatibility- highly compatible and less compatible- parties can forge a good understanding. While highly compatible signs will not find it difficult to forge a good relationship and get along well, the less compatible signs can forge a good relationship but have to be very patient with each other, and it will take a lot of effort.

Two parties whose zodiac signs are very compatible will get along so well even if they are careless, hasty and upset at times.

Conversely, two people whose zodiac signs are less compatible will need to be very careful, tactful, and patient if they want to achieve peace and tranquility in their relationship. It will require them to take decisive actions to help their relationship work. Admittedly, it is not so easy, but it can be work.

What determines the degree of compatibility between one sign and the other is the kind of element their zodiac sign belongs to. It is common knowledge that zodiac signs belong to four elements: water, fire, earth, earth, and air. Each of these elements represents a particular and essential type of energy that works in each of us.

The four elements are in each person and they represent the four unique kinds of personality that are associated with astrological signs. These four zodiac elements cause profound influence on emotions, behavior, character traits, and thinking.

For example, water signs are exceptionally emotional and very sensitive people. They are as mysterious as the ocean itself and are highly intuitive. They love amusing conversations and boast of a great memory. They have no scruples criticizing themselves, and loved ones can easily rely on them.

Fire signs are dynamic, temperamental and passionate. Inasmuch as they get irked easily, they also forgive easily. They can provide a shoulder for their friends and family to lean on, are physically strong, and possess immense energy that makes them naturally adventurous. They are ready for action, are intelligent, creative, self-aware, and very idealistic.

Earth signs on the other hand are conservative and practical. They love luxury and material things. They exhibit great loyalty and are stable in character. It does not matter what your relationship with an earth sign is going through; you can rest easy knowing that the earth sign will not forsake you when things are going haywire. Lest you forget, earth signs can also be very emotional.

Air signs love communication and building good relationships with other people. They love to think, possess a certain intellectual edge in their communications, are communicative and possess enviable analytical skills. The air sign is that person who’ll choose a good book over parties any time.

The fire sire signs are the aries, saggitarius, and leo. The earth sign has the Capricorn, virgo and Taurus. The air sign has the aquarius, the libra and gemini. And, lastly, the water sign possess the pisces, cancer and the scorpio.

Understanding the element your sign and that of your partner falls in is the first step towards understanding the degree of compatibility you and your partner will have. That is because signs that have the same element tend to be naturally compatible because they obviously understand each other.