Knowing When to Expand Your Workforce

If we are lucky in our business endeavors, there may come a stage where we consider expanding our existing team. Whether that means increasing from one member or adding to an already large group, the parameters are much the same. This can be an exciting moment of growth in your business, although it is of vital importance that the timing is correct. Ideally, once you decide to grow the team, this will signal future growth of the general business and isn’t something you really want to backtrack in the future.

So, how to know when it’s the correct moment to add to your workforce? Here are a few helpful indicators.

Increased Workload

When you start to notice that the workload, be it for just yourself or your team members in general, is increasing to a point of high stress or levels where you cannot complete the assigned work to the deadline or quality you wish, then it may be time for expansion of the team.

It is much more beneficial to your company in the long-run to expand your operations and provide the premium level of quality expected by the consumers who have enabled your business to thrive up until that point rather than risk stagnation or regression.

Diversification of Business

Every company should be striving to set new challenges and goals. This is especially true in today’s business world. If you are not moving forwards then you are moving backwards. With opportunities such as the developments in blockchain and fintech opening up complete new business sectors, it is glorious times for risk taking business owners.

This does not mean jumping in blindly. You will need to be guided in new areas by experienced team members. Therefore, it is key that if you are considering venturing down a new business path, you also consider expanding your team to reflect this.

Employee Discontent

Some of the first signs of the need for expansion may come from your existing workforce. If they are unhappy due to overwork or stress. It is highly likely they and you would benefit from adding team members with the ability to reduce their burden. Nobody wants to be part of an unhappy and overworked team. The old adage of quality over quantity again rings true.

If you are spotting these signs of discontent or complaint among your team members, it may certainly be something to take under advisement.

Final Thoughts

Adding to the team in today’s modern age also doesn’t need to break the bank. You can even hire through the likes of Freelancer or by using recruitment sites such as Monster. These both provide you with flexibility and a reduced recruitment cost.

Strategies to Help You Close More Sales among PT Clients

When you’re running your own personal training business, there’s nothing more important than being able to close sales. Sure, it’s great to interact with your clients and build rapport. But, at the end of the day, if you’re not actually closing any deals, you’re pretty much wasting your time and potentially missing out on lucrative earning potential. And, nobody wants that.

Today, we’re going to look at a few proven strategies that will help you close more sales and succeed as a personal trainer. While finding something that works for you can be difficult, using these strategies will get you started on the right track and in no time, you’ll be closing sales as if it were your job. (Since it is)

  1. The “Now or Never” Close

This method involves providing your clients with one time only or limited time deals. As you probably already know, people always tend to procrastinate. Most times, we prefer to mull things over before taking any actions. However, by offering limited time discounts, your potential client will feel anxious about missing out on an opportunity and will lead them to make a decision sooner than later and many times, this might just be the push that you need to be able to close a sale.

  1. The Summary Close

This is an old-fashioned method that has been proven to work over and over again. It involves you summarize all the key points of your sales pitch and should focus mainly on the benefits that you can provide. In the end, by summarizing key points and making them match the needs of your clients, you’ll be far more likely to close a sale since your potential client will have just heard all the reasons that you’re the perfect trainer for them.

  1. The Question Close

This method of closing involves asking specific open-ended questions to gain insight into your potential client’s interest. Try asking things like, “Does this routine seem like something you’d be interested in?” or “Would this sort of exercise solve the problems that you mentioned?”. When you get a “yes” to questions like this, you’’ then be able to focus more on things that you know your client is already interested in making a close much more likely than if you were simply swinging in the dark.


It’s important to remember that there are no fool-proof methods to being able to close sales and that nobody is a natural-born salesperson. It’s something that comes with time and practice. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new ways if your current method isn’t providing you with results. Remember to focus on your customers and in time, you’ll be able to find a perfect closing method that will work for you every time.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business the Easy Way

As today’s business world continues to mobilize and evolve, the best way you can ensure to stay at the forefront is by starting your own e-commerce business.

E-Commerce is any transaction conducted electronically. It is therefore relevant and accessible to everybody from sole trader, right through to huge corporations.

Basic requirements are really simple and really only two main things you should first focus on:

  • Your Product Idea: This is the lifeblood of your e-commerce business. It should be an in demand or upward trending product, ideally an original, innovative idea. One which you can source easily and reliable which also encompasses value and profitability.


  • Your Marketplace: If the product itself is the blood, your marketplace is the heart. The channel through which your product is pumped out to the customer. This would ideally be a place which is free of any aftersales fee or royalty. It should also be a website or channel over which you have ownership and sole control. This allows for ease of expansion as demand increases.


Once you have conducted effective market research and identified a product, you will open the supply chain by creating a relationship with the best supplier you can find.

For distribution you should purchase a quality domain name and establish an easy payment system for your customer. With some paid marketing campaigns through social media and other outlets to target your chosen demographic, everything is now in motion and the potential is unlimited for your e-commerce business.

Starting an e-commerce business is as simple as these steps and can be done from anywhere. Using just your computer and creativity, you can create an e-commerce empire.

You can even encompass drop shipping to reduce your handling costs. If you have the next big idea, get your e-commerce business up and running right away.



Top 7 Tips For A Successful Boot Camp Business

The best way to dominate the already saturated fitness boot camp business is to get out of it entirely. Many trainers now consider boot camps as cash cows without knowing what it takes to give clients the best results. Many boot camp operators are there for the money and offer their clients no real long-term results. They are just looking to make quick money and get out of business.

But if you want to get the best from your boot camp business, there are certain things you need to put in place.

Here are seven tips that will ensure you start off a successful boot camp business.


Offer Wide Range Of Programs

Have a program that caters to the general population. In general, there is a perception that boot camp style training is too hard for many people. You need to shatter that perception by offering training that caters to all fitness levels.

Get A Customer Management Tools

Get a customer management tool to ensure that you can be completely aware of the membership status of all your people. There are a lot of CRMs on the market and once you have more than 100 members.

Communicate Effectively

Use an automated email tool to provide your members with quality content that will help them achieve their goals. As you grow, it would be impossible to email each of your members individually. Generic information can be sent on a schedule while replies to customer emails should is best made individually.

Partner With Reputable Businesses

Align your business with reputable partners that will provide your members and trainers with discounts and benefits. It is often a challenge to gain credibility when you are launching a fitness business but partnering with well-established organizations will help. Think outside the square for how you can work alongside well-established brands.

Offer Additional Programs

Offer additional programs that cater to other niches in the fitness market. Niche areas that you can deliver programs for are youth, rehabilitation, seniors, sports teams, and self-defense.

Get A Sound Marketing Plan

Learn both online and offline marketing methods to get the word out about your fitness business. Without a sound knowledge of how to market your business through the internet and also through traditional marketing methods, you’ll struggle to attract members to your business.

Interact With Other Trainers

Network with other trainers to keep your sessions fresh and exciting. Being a trainer can be a lonely experience. Many trainers are self-employed and can get quite isolated. It’s really important to make sure you are talking to other trainers to keep your ideas new and fresh and your members continually stimulated by your sessions.

The above tips will see to it that your fitness boot camp stands the test of time and is sustainable. A solution-oriented business is the best way to keep your clients inspired, motivated and you will achieve good results.

You need to stay ahead in the game by constantly following up on the trends in the fitness industry. This will ensure you remain solidly in business and mark your place in the ever growing fitness industry.

Five Reason Why Your Fitness Business Needs A Marketing Plan

Many personal trainers and gym owners do not have a fitness marketing plan, and they don’t know what they are missing. They are paying dearly with valuable revenue each year for this ignorance. Not having standard fitness marketing is just like preparing to fail, and no businessperson will love to miss out on the opportunity of maximizing profit.

A standard fitness marketing plan is your roadmap to fitness profits. It’s like your GPS, which if you fail to have, you will steer you’re your business to the ditch. Having a fitness marketing  plan is not optional. Every successful business has a base plan, a drawn-out strategy that gears the business through tough periods.

The importance of having a well thought out fitness marketing plan cannot be overemphasized.

In other to further explain the importance of a fitness marketing plan to every fitness business, we have provided the following reasons and believed you would fully understand why by the end of the day.


Increase Your Chances Of Business Success With A Fitness Marketing Plan

Whenever you fail to plan, you automatically plan to fail. If you start off a business without a marketing plan, you have automatically planned to fail.

It does not count if you have a passion for fitness, your business will not succeed if you do not take it as a business.

Creating a smart action marketing blueprint will not only ensure you start off on the right foot but will have a strong financial base that will increase the chances of success.

For you to increase your chances of financial success, you will need a fitness marketing plan.

Find Out Hidden Profit Opportunities And Wad Off Competition

When you analyze the market value of your business, you will get to discover hidden profit opportunities before most of your competitors get to it. You can quickly capitalize on your discovery and make more profit for your business.


Always Focus On Your Goals

A fitness marketing plan will make sure you stay focused on your business. With your business plan, you will be forced to write down your goals, set up a specific target time and the method of achieving your goals. This process will ensure you stay focused on your goals and what you want to achieve.


Take Better Business Actions

Without a business plan, you are going to find it difficult to take bold business actions. Even when you make a business action, you do so under a shaky business foundation, and you are likely to fail.

But With a well-designed fitness marketing plan, you can easily adjust your business action items and even improve your tactics. This will help increase your chances of maneuvering through difficult business times and make actions that will increase your chances of making profits.

Reduce Your Chances Of Risk

Properly analyzing your business chances will make sure you identify high-risk areas and plan towards avoiding them. There is a business without risk, but with an active business plan, you have better chances of avoiding these risks and steering your business out of difficult times.

With the above reasons, you now understand why a fitness marketing plan is invaluable. Get your business a marketing plan today and make more profit from your fitness business.


How to Keep Your Personal Training Classes Fresh

Jogging, Run, Sport, Jog, Sporty, Race

When you have personal training clients, especially on a regular basis over a long period of time. An element of repetition is bound to emerge from classes on occasion. This could be with a singular client over a long period or carry over a number of clients if you follow similar programs on a daily basis.

Although this is difficult to avoid, it will undoubtedly lead to displeased clients and lost opportunities. To prevent this from happening, there are a number of things you can do to keep your offerings fresh and unique.

Change the Routine Periodically

Change is something which many people do find difficult to cope with. There is an element of risk when you change any formula or routine. The risk is that you lose your clients who were happy with the original format or way of doing things. There are also many who subscribe to the theory of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”- This can be correct, however, most likely in this case is there will be a slow and prolonged stagnation of business and a gradual decline in revenue which may go unnoticed over a long period and leave you wondering what happened to the business.

Evolution is Key

Failure to change will ultimately result in failure. Even though you provide a successful offering right now, always remember that firstly, your competition are always striving for ways to overtake you and secondly, the industry itself is rapidly evolving and changing. Exercises and training methods quickly become outdated, supplements are reformulated and improved and scientific research is always at work, proving and disproving techniques. You need to stay at the forefront of this information.

Much as some clients may resent a change, people quickly get on board with new programs and strategies once they have become proven or popular.

Change the Tempo or Surroundings

Nothing says that as a personal trainer, you must train in one specific location every time. The beauty of the industry is that many times, it can be flexible. Shake things up with an outdoor session from time to time or a change of setting. This helps keep clients both excited and motivated.

Secondly, there is no need to always go hell for leather, rest periods are vital as well as lighter training loads. This can have a beneficial effect in the long term. You should also be offering advice on the latest supplements and do not be afraid to suggest new training methods which you too are learning about. Life is a learning process and your clients will thank you for taking a vested interest in advancing their fitness beyond a timed go for broke lifting session.


In every industry, even the strongest, most innovative products must adapt or die. This is happening on a constant basis, we need only look at the recent successes of companies like Nintendo with their new product offerings to see how change, even to an industry giant, can generate a rejuvenation.

Creative Tips for Boosting Your Social Media Following

Essential to the foundation of any profitable online business or indeed any business at all these days is a strong social media presence. This can be vital to determining or changing your company’s market position and ultimately bottom line. As a business owner, you may have specialist knowledge in many areas when it comes to starting a business. If social media is not one of those, don’t be at a disadvantage. Allow us to guide you with a few simple steps.


Build your Network Wisely

It may certainly be tempting to boost your following in inorganic ways such as paying for followers and other such frowned upon activities which are often breaking the rules of the social network, however, it is recommended that you demonstrate patience and selectivity when growing your audience. You want to ensure your followers share genuine enthusiasm for your goals and become a place where you can rely on genuine feedback.

Interact Regularly With your Followers

Your followers are more than just a number and they like to be treated as such, make them feel valued through meaningful interactions and regular communication. Importantly, you must find a delicate balance to ensure you are not communicating too much. Being interactive and personal in your responses helps to build a sense of trust and bonding within your network.

Be Timely and Responsive

Leading on from the previous point. Responding quickly, often and creatively with your audience helps to foster a sense of trust and make them feel more valued. This will be vital in the long run as your followers are your supporters not only in good times.

Provide a Unique Experience

By providing something which your followers cannot get elsewhere, you are increasing value for them and giving them a unique opportunity by choosing to follow you. That could be some insight into your otherwise unavailable personal life or some otherwise personalized experience for your followers. This will help boost your numbers and also build a greater rapport with your audience.

Employ a Professional

Another option to increase your followers is to hire a social media manager or agent to act on your behalf. These are often industry experts across the multiple social media platforms who can help establish, grow or maintain your social media following whilst also relieving that stress from you personally. This is a fantastic option nowadays when time is such a precious commodity.

The Last Word

It is of paramount importance to maintain a strong social media presence these days. As we can see from the tips above, there are a number of ways in which you can achieve this. Regardless of the path you choose, it will take dedication, quality marketing and patience to grow your ideal group of followers, but when you do, you have a staunch core base to support your ideas and provide energy to your future plans. Essential aspects of any site or business.

The Best Ways to Market Your New Blog


So you’ve started a new blog. It is your baby, your pride and joy. Having injected countless hours into creating your theme, choosing a host and domain, right through to creating some excellent content to hit the ground running, your site is now live. The one elephant in the room remains. How do your let the world know about your new gem? Here are some of the best ways in which you can begin.


Social Media

The first starting point for many blogs is often social media, you may choose just to circulate your initial efforts through posting some links to your new site from your own Facebook page. This can be a good start if you have a strong existing presence on Social Media and can sometimes be enough to get the ball rolling quite well. Support and sharing from family and friends can cast your net quite wide in a relatively short space of time.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

To advance your reach even further you may choose to engage in some online advertising campaigns such as via Facebook advertising of your social media page or paying for some banner ad campaigns to your specifically targeted market. At a relatively low starting cost it can be a wise way to grow your audience at a reasonable cost.

Search Engine Submission

You can also go down the path of submitting your site to one of the major search engines. Provided you comply with their regulations, you will achieve a ranking. This will of course help you with increasing traffic to your site, from there, it is all down to the quality of your content and building up a good reputation among your followers.

Paid Traffic

Another option you could choose is to pay for traffic. If you are choosing this option you need to be careful to ensure that all traffic which visits your site is genuine or you could end up with a search engine ban. Estimates show that a number of sites have previously paid for traffic using services such as Revisitors. This is certainly a viable way to drive visitors to your site and increase its profile.

Offer some incentive

You could also offer some kind of incentive to your blog visitors. That can be anything from small to large to encourage them to visit and return to your site. People love to win something or the idea of getting something no matter how small for free is also appealing to many.


Lots of options

There are so many options you can choose to increase exposure of your blog. Each have their own merits as discussed and you must choose the best one to fit your personal need. One fact is certain though, marketing your blog or site is becoming more and more essential and it will certainly increase not only your base audience but also your site value.

Yoga Marketing Tips

Here are some great yoga marketing tips!

Starting a business venture can be fun and enjoyable if done properly. This also applies in the case of commencing a project in yoga. We, therefore, bring together all you will ever need to know on How to Start a Yoga Business.

The first requirement for starting a successful business is a valid yoga certification. It would be ideal if you could get a certificate from a well-reputed yoga institute or a good yoga teacher. Various online courses are also available these days, but it is always advisable to avoid such lures.

As any business planning needs relevant information, you should consult yoga magazines, books and some experienced persons to collect information required for starting a yoga institute as well. In fact, it is so believed that yoga cannot be learned even by reading books, let alone websites.

The Internet is also good source of information. There are many yoga resources online from where you can take ideas to make full proof plans for your dream project. There are government agencies that can help you in making plans for yoga centers. In a nut shell you have to use all means to collect information and import ideas for starting a yoga business.

It is always better to divide your plan in too many parts to ensure the clarity in the plan. You can name the different parts of the plan to make the process of planning easy and less burdensome.

You can begin with this by deciding the name of your yoga institute first. It may be a good reason for the popularity of your institute. Various yoga websites may help you out in this connection. But you can’t use a name that is already registered in the government authority.

Therefore, learn from a good instructor and after you have mastered the technique enough, start assisting your instructor in his/her courses. This will develop the additional faculties in you for handling a group of inquisitive students.

Once this is done, you can start thinking about starting your own business. The first step here would be to find out what kind of an investment you can spare for this new venture of yours. We can call this the Seed Capital. The amount of the seed capital that you are willing to invest in your business will solve your next question of where, and for whom to start your business.

If you want to target the up market consumers, then your studio should be adequately designed. It should have the necessary equipments and the required facilities. Hence, the money required would also be on the higher side.

On the other hand, if your seed capital is low then you can start your studio at your own residence, or maybe at some other cheap location. A cheaper locality will invite lower income group consumers. You may not require a lot of additional equipment and facilities in this case.

Once this is done, you can start insuring you and your business against unforeseen Legal complications will increase should you take your studio premises on lease. Adequate insurance coverage is always an excellent idea in any case.

After all this, you can devise inexpensive ways to market your services and start your work. Pricing of your services is another factor that must be considered very carefully. A little market check as to your competitors will help you decide a competitive price for your classes.

This is a brief and the most practical answer on starting a Yoga Business. Hope you will follow it to its minutest detail and be successful in your endeavor.

Study Spanish Online

Studying spanish online can give you more than you think…

Language studying is a tedious process. It needs consistency, persistence and commitment. If you want to study Spanish, there are many choices that you can choose. Each of the methods have both benefits and drawbacks. However, there is one way that you can learn Spanish easily and effectively with minimal disadvantages. It is studying Spanish online. When you study Spanish online, you get more than you think.

You can make use of the following information to see if online studying matches your needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying Spanish online;

1.) They are mostly well designed

The Internet is huge. Although a lot of things on the internet are crap, there are some decent products out there. In the competitive field of language learning, the courses’ developers have to focus the quality of the course before they market the product. Digital products mostly offer a refund due to the nature of it. If their products are not good enough, people will ask for the money back. This is why quality is very important. You can benefit that more than when you choose other means.

2.) The cost is not expensive

In comparison with other means, online courses are a lot less expensive than other methods. You can easily spend thousands to hire a tutor to teach you Spanish. You may have to spend a lot of going to college just to study the language. Also, you will have to spend traveling expenses. You may have to spend traveling time. With online courses, you don’t have to pay all that. There are also some that offer flexible payment mode. You can choose to pay for every course or level that you take or you could pay a fixed price for all the courses and levels.

3.) You can do it anywhere

If you are taking a vacation with your family, you do not have to pause your learning. Studying Spanish online will not require you to leave the comforts of your home as long as you have your own computer and internet connection in your house. If you will not be required to use a webcam or to see your teacher face to face, then there will be no need to get all dressed up. You can learn Spanish in your most comfortable clothes. Like I said before, language learning needs consistency. Even though you are far, far away, you can continue your lessons as long as you have an internet connection.

4.) You can have fun learning

A lot of internet language learning includes tools and games. You can enjoy yourself while you are learning. You may not be able to do this with other means.

5.) The courses can finally bear results

If you are persistent enough and you select the right courses, you will finally see the results in yourself. You will be able to master Spanish in the end. There are a lot of testimonials on those courses. You can be one of them.

If you want to learn Spanish, you should consider learning it online. This article reveals some facts on language learning: Spanish online courses give you more than you think.